The Jewelry
 'Caroline Keuser Studio' was founded 2019 by way of creative self exploration und intuition. Caroline's drive to create unique forms with clean and bold designs was second nature and evolved into a brand that promotes individuality. 
Sustainability is a big priority of Caroline when creating jewelry. Every Piece is designed and handmade in Berlin. She produces only by order and uses recycled silver for many pieces. 
Caroline Keuser Studios believes in timeless jewelry with a classic design that lasts forever and maintains the same value. The Idea is to create something, thats gives YOU - men or women - a good feeling for a long time, maybe even forever. 
The Artist
Caroline was born and raised in Düsseldorf, Germany. From a young age she was fascinated by shapes and curves and started to paint, especially the human body.
The urge to create was so strong and present, jewelry craftsmanship came naturally.
Following her intuition She taught herself to forge, wax cast and to set stones. Working on her skills and always looking for inspiration in nature, architecture and especially the human body, she is constantly evolving her Designs and Shapes.
 Caroline Keuser